Sunday, June 15, 2008


Check out the sweet box we made for Derek's dad's father's day present. It's cool, and we are easily amused.

Here are some random cupcakes from this week.

Man, today is so freaking boring! Derek and I have spent most of the morning wandering around the house like Neanderthals. It's been pretty bad. That's one thing I have noticed about being married. It is so great, but it can definitely be boring sometimes.

My sisters always make fun of me because about a year before I met Derek I sat around crying because I thought no one would love me for my weird quirks. Derek really does. We can be so weird sometimes, but that's what being married is all about. Freedom to be yourself, even if its pretty crazy. I believe the weirdest thing this morning is when I turned the corner and Derek was singing "We welcome you to Munchkin land..."

It totally made my day. That's all for today, hopefully something exciting happens today so I can please my 2-3 readers tomorrow!

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VievEGirL said...

"Munchkin land"? What he swinging his arms and walking around on his knees? JK. I am glad you found Derek and that you love each other, weirdness and all.