Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Celebrating My Babes.

It was Derek's birthday yesterday, and although I shouldn't admit it.....I went overboard. I never realized how truly fun it is to spoil someone.....

He had to work, which was a total bummer, so my sister Kristin gave me the idea to take him on a picnic. I surprised him and led him to Murray Park right by the stream with a pile of delicious food.

After scarfing and enjoying many romantic moments, he went back to work while I prepared for the rest of the night. After he got off work we dressed up and headed downtown. Destination: Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Although the water was $12 (Yes, we were shocked!)....it was a good experience and upscale atmosphere, which was fun. The steaks-- Meh.

We then went to Gateway Mall and picked out some real nice sunglasses for him (Ray-Bans). I decided they were sexy and we were on our way. When we got home I gave him his last few presents (All very nerdy gifts including a high-tech mouse) and a little bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cake- a way cute store- and that was that. It was a really fun day and fun to spoil my babes, who spoils me all the rest of the year.


telsey said...

very cute i'm excited!

VievEGirL said...

You shouldn't have to excuse yourself for spoiling Derek...I am glad you guys had such a great day.

Christensens said...

Hil! I am excited you have a blog, and I am way jealous you work at a cupcake shop. I have picked up a recent obsession with cute cupcakes and cakes and go wild on amazon finding cute books! I miss ya!Hopefully I will see ya soon!