Monday, June 9, 2008

My Explanation.

Over the past few weeks I have been taking a number of priceless photos of profound events in my life, when I realized I had nowhere to show them off. Hence: BLOG. Here I am, back in action!

I have kept a journal since I was 8 years old, and been very loyal to it actually. But what is there to journal when no one reads it? So I hope some of you will enjoy, or fake enjoy, my future stories that will most likely include me (Hilary), my husband (Derek), a number of awkward moments, and most importantly: Food.

I discussed with my sisters and mom today what to name my new blog. Hmm....I thought. I had already built a blog named "Hil Definition", but when no one understood it, I begged for outside assistance. Derek (so brilliant) gave me the idea ~ Ace of Cupcakes. How perfect.

I work at a cupcake shop in Sandy, Utah, and boy is it the bomb! I have loved cupcakes for quite a while now, but recently I also got interested in taking a wedding cake decorating class. After signing up and attending it, I found it to be one of the most delightful things there is to do. So hopefully...this is where my future lies.

That is all for now. And don't worry, there will continue to be more. But it is Derek's birthday, and I feel like I should probably be massaging his feet rather than blogging. Till next time!


Greedy Kristian said...

This is so great. I am glad you are back in the blogging world. I missed you.

VievEGirL said...

Yay1 I am glad you are always have great stories. And now I won't keep checking a blog that hasn't been written on since April 2007.

Kylie said...

Hooray for Hilary blogging! Do it, A LOT (more than me). =)

Jori Hodgson said...

I just found your blog, my new love is cupcakes and cakes but have never really had a chance to really learn? Where in Sandy is the shop you work at and what's it called?

I live in Springville, UT. Does the shop you work at ever hire without experience? I would love a chance to learn.