Thursday, June 12, 2008


I love my new blog layout!! Well done husband.

Anyways....I guess we call today's post I Hate You Don't Come Back To The Cupcake Store. A little harsh, but very fitting. Let me explain.

There are certain people out there that go into a store with only one intention: to get pissed off at anything they can find. Hence the lady I served today. Cupcakes are a happy thing right? Or so I thought. The lady was about sixty years old and had a face that already looked grumpy. She ordered some cupcakes with "Congrats Denise and Aaron" written on every single cupcake. I don't think it takes a cupcake scientist to realize that a long phrase like that, most likely won't fit on a cupcake.

Well....because of the scariness in the lady's face I agreed to do it anyway, and rung her up for the sale. Her immediate reaction to the price, "WELL! These cupcakes better be REALLY good for THAT price!" (my immediate reaction- "...... i don't like this woman ....."

etc, etc.

Moral of the story... are some people so angry in life, they even have beefs with cupcakes?

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