Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hot or Not?

Derek and I bought new goggles the other day, and TRULY enjoyed them. But I was wondering, who looks better in their new underwater shades? So I am taking a vote:


Hahaha! Well.... let me know. Even though I already know the answer (psht, mine are pink, so, me of course.)

The moral of this story is we are obsessed with our pool so here's the invite: We are always there, so join us!


Kylie said...

Hmmm, that is a tough one....

But yours are a really awesome pink, so I guess you're right. You. ;)

VievEGirL said...

Derek's gets the vote for the facial expression.

But I have to say that you look awesome! I love the way eyes look when someone has goggles know what I mean. They pull eyes outwards.

Hilz said...

hahaha, i vote for neither.

goggles are truly ugifying.

kimby said...

Ha ha. You win for the hottest goggles, but Derek wins, hands down, for his expression.