Monday, July 7, 2008

White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl.

I have Mondays off, so I like to bake something new when I can.

Today was Vanilla Cake swirled with Raspberry Jam and White Chocolate Chips. The frosting is cream cheese.


The Finished Product:

I should have put more jam in the middle, but with the jam dollop in the frosting, it was the perfect balance. They were delish!


DerekC said...

Derek tasted = derek really really really liked = delicious = you should really try these = my wife is really good at cupcakes = i'm done.

Kylie said...

Are you guys eating all of these??? If you ever need a taster, I am HERE! =P

Richie & Nattie said...

Um those look amazing! LIKE AMAZING! =)