Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I don't mean to post twice, but it seems like a habit now. Pictures of food don't cut it for a post for me.

To the Point:
Anyone who knows me well, knows that my favorite band is Wilco. Anyone who knows me well, has already heard my sob story too:

I waited three years for them to come in concert, and they finally are. I waited and waited for June 2 to arrive, when tickets went on sale, but was doing a wedding cake and completely forgot. I was able to get on the next day a.s.a.p., but the show was already sold out.

If I had one thing to say to Wilco it would be: Bummer. I am being a huge wuss about the whole situation, but it blows.

I wanted to put up a clip from my favorite song, not only by Wilco, but by anyone....It's called "Jesus, etc" and you really should watch it if you get a sec, cause they are the best!

(Skip like 50 seconds in, cause he talks for a bit....)

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