Wednesday, August 27, 2008

California: Day 2.

Continuing the epic vacation to day two. Which'll have to be....

The Fabulous Food

Derek and I decided that one of the main things we wanted to do on our trip was eat at some fun/fancy places.

First, I really really wanted to go venture out into the cupcake world, so we went to Yummy Cupcakes in Santa Monica:
I didn't get very many pictures at Yummy's, so these are a little crappy:

Kels and Kricken enjoying some of the cupcakes.

Overall, we weren't very impressed with the Yummy Cupcakes, so we continued our journey to Sprinkles in Beverly Hills. I had heard a lot of things about this place, and I thought it was too good to be true, and really just didn't want to like it.

After standing in a 30 minute line and tasting our lemon and chocolate-marshmallow cupcakes....there was no lying to myself, they were amazzzing. Here are some pics there:

Then, Derek and I decided we wanted to get some high-end sushi. We searched online and found a place called Koi, where all the celebrities go. We decided we'd check this place out, and despite the amazing atmosphere and the fact that the waiters treat you like kings, the sushi was pretty disappointing.

Hmm.....well I am thinking that there is probably too much food to cover in one I'll continue tomorrow with more of the deliciousness, till then!

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VievEGirL said...

K, I expect to hear about the enormous hot dogs you ate. I heard they were like $20 for a hot dog...what is that about. Please explain...