Thursday, August 28, 2008

California: Day 3.

I am getting really sick of posting about California. So, let's sum this up...

Derek and I got Pink's Hot Dogs. But you don't just GET a Pink's Hot Dog. You stand in line for 2 hours in the blaring sun outside the tiny building. Then you move an inch every 10 minutes. Then you order off the menu that consists of about 30 different kinds of dogs(it's insane). Then you order and pay $5 per hot dog(which is also a little insane to me). Then you sit and eat while you listen to your arteries clog, but you don't care....... Because the dog is such sweet nectar in your mouth, that you don't care if this is how you die. Then you leave, and suffer from the WORST stomach ache of your life.

Please, just take the time to look at the dog I'm holding. It's HUGE!

And lastly...the REAL topic of the day:

Some Quality Time with My Quality Man

Derek and I on the pier the last night, after getting some Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf hot vanillas. It was SO great, I love the beach at night. (Above: One of those "How did she get him" pictures...)

At sunset at Huntington Beach.

Derek and I at Nancy's. We are so lovin' on each other.

Babes: You are the best!! Thanks for all the good times in Cali, and here at home too. I love you!


VievEGirL said...

Whew, I am relieved to know that it didn't cost $20 for a hot dog. I didn't know if I could handle that. I also don't know if I could handle what looks like nacho cheese and bacon on a hot dog. Kinda makes me unsettled just thinking about it.

And I am glad you and Derek are having so much fun together. Keep up the running. And keep up the craziness. You guys are the best. We definitely miss hanging out with you. Say Hi to Derek for us!

telsey said...

hurry and write something new already im dying here.... oh and read my blog it's just for YOU!!!!