Tuesday, August 5, 2008


As per Gen's request, here is KC's second work of art for the Cavanaugh family. Me, beaver version:

Ha! Please, no blackmail.

Now, Derek can vouch for me when I say that I have had two weeks of consecutively weird dreams. First it was earwigs coming out of the walls, to 12-year-old Kelsy getting married despite all of our disapproval, to last nights...the FREAKIEST, and the WEIRDEST.

Figure 1- My Biggest Fear.

Let me explain, ha. Here is where my dream began: The whole town was a riot because a werewolf had come to Cottonwood Heights to destroy the city. He was entering homes and killing families, and I was totally scared for my life.

Derek and I were asleep and we got a call from the cops that the werewolf was on his way to our house and we needed to hide (how helpful.) Next thing I knew Derek had disappeared and I ran into the closet to hide.

The wolf (who was the SCARIEST creature EVER!) came running into the house howling, and ran right to the closet where I was hiding. He could smell me, but the funny thing is, I didn't even know where I was hiding, I just knew that he couldn't find me.

So he left, and Derek and I were happy, and for some reason had a baby, and that was the end.

SO....I guess what I am trying to say is my dream could definitely be a best-selling fantasy novel, with a less happily-ever-after ending.


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Christensens said...

Gotta love the weird dreams. Not long ago I dreamed I was having a baby and I was so excited and then I was giving birth and a parrot came out I was so upset and Kev kept trying to get me to hold and love it and it just kept clawing me and squawking! I was yelling so much that I really started to yell in my sleep!