Friday, August 15, 2008


When I was in 2nd grade we had a substitute teacher from Italy. I don't remember her name, but all day she called us by our names in Italian to bring some fun to the classroom. She kept calling me "Hilardo", and when I asked why, she explained that that was actually my name in Italian.


It was hurtful, I won't lie. And has definitely stuck.

So today, I just had to confess, to make myself feel better: I just finished a can of Pringles all by myself.

This is a call for HELP: I am ready for an intervention!


Greedy Kristian said...

LOL. I did the same thing yesterday. But I justified the consumption because it was a reduced fat canister.

Guess it runs in the family.

VievEGirL said...

Potato chips easy...I've done a whole bag of sun chips multiple times. I shouldn't be proud of that. But ya.