Thursday, September 18, 2008

7 Minutes =).

After a VERY stressful week that is only half-way over, I only have two words for you: BY GOLLY.

In the past few days I have spent shloads of money, hours and hours of work, and out done myself with stress just to end up with this measly photograph:

(There should have been others, but this was the only one I got)

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to help out with Enrichment night with my old ward. I said yes, because she wanted me to show them how to decorate cupcakes, and well...I love cupcakes(Duh.) So, Monday I started buying stuff for the event. Tuesday I kept buying things and then started making the cupcake batter. But Wednesday, after I had continued to buy things, spent five hours making the cupcakes, frosting, and preparing everything, stressing about how much money I had blown and how scared I was to teach all of these people that are far older and wiser than me, got to the church late and THEN realized I had forgotten all the pastry bags --- I was on the verge of tears.

Apparently, I enjoy being overly honest. Anyways....

......Exactly here is when I realized there are two very crucial people in my life.

First. Just then my mom showed up, and after her help cooling me down and telling me I was being stupid, I felt a lot better. I got up there, stuttered the entire presentation, but nonetheless completed it, and then actually enjoyed teaching everyone and seeing them decorate cupcakes. It was a good time.

But I was still exhausted and stressed on the way home because I knew the apartment was the messiest I had ever left it. It was 10:00 as well and I had to get up at six the next morning. I was in a bad mood.

Until I walked in and saw the place spotless and Derek in the hallway standing there, cute as usual. It was so relieving to know I could just go to bed......

There are some people that just know you, know when you need a nudge or when you really just need a hand. Although yesterday shouldn't have been stressful, it really turned out to be. Sometimes I forget that there are people that truly care about me.... but I saw it yesterday and I really appreciated it. Thanks mom and Derek for making a crazy day into a livable one. You guys are the


Kylie said...

how funny that we both had Enrichment Night stresses this week! Mine was tonight. Yours sounded more stressful though. :)

Anyway, you're awesome Hilz. I had a cupcake tonight and it was delicious!

VievEGirL said...

Hilary, you really have a gem...Derek is so very sweet to you. I am very impressed by him all the time. I am so happy that you found him.

I also have to put a note in for mom. She happens to always be there right when you need her. Mom has helped me a number of times. It is just comforting to have her there. I miss her.

And lastly, you are incredible. I can't believe you ever are nervous about your skills. I am having a blast cooking right now, but every time I cook I always think, Hilary would know what to put in this to make it just a little better. I don't know anything about spices or anything. I need to have a crash course in cooking from you. But I also understand how showing your talent is scary. I was nervous when I taught the YW to make cards. It would be even scarier to do that in front of older women that saw you grow up.

Well, I am proud of you. And glad you survived. Love ya. Miss you..gen