Wednesday, September 10, 2008

8 Mile.

I don't know what happened. Part of it was working at a cupcake store. Part of it was the embarrassment of seeing people I haven't seen in years, wondering if they still recognize me. Most of it was that day I ate half a bag of beef jerky, 6 pieces of bacon, cheese toast, cup-a-noodle, all the left over candy in the candy jar, and a snickers ice cream bar. That was the tipper.

I, Hilary, have been inspired to run lately. Listen to me! Those of you who have even brought up the subject with me, know that I hate to run. Many people have tried to convert me to their running religion, but I have stood my ground. So what happened? Three weeks ago, I sat up off the couch, let the potato chip crumbs run to the floor... and proclaimed that it was FINALLY...time to get running.

Derek and I have been running three times a week, a mile each time. We run the whole mile, so for me -- this is a major success! Derek keeps saying he is shocked I have stayed motivated to do this for three weeks, but a lot of it is the entertainment of having Derek next to me, knowing that he's working just as hard as I am.

To date: We have run 8 miles total. I am officially proud of myself for getting out of my unhealthy slump and maybe even on my way to losing a few lbs.

To Derek: Thanks for doing this with me, and motivating me too! Yay us.


kmb said...

Way to be. I am so proud of you!!!! I have a love-hate relationship with running. I do hate doing it, but I find that for me there is no better exercise. No matter what else I try, it is not as satisfying in the end.....

So our snow cone place closed down for the season....we are slackers. We still want you to come chill with us though.......There are plenty of other good treats to eat down here and you won't feel guilty because you deserve a calorie fest after running so much!!

bab's in toyland said...

Yeah Hils-a-bills! Pretty soon you can sign up for the next 1/2 marathon! JK. But I do love running 'cause it kills the kill inside. We'll all have to run the next race together, k?

VievEGirL said...

I very proud of you too. And keep at it, it only gets easier.

PS. I didn't know if you saw my last IM, but you can rent exercise videos at the Library if you want to try out different types. Look for Karen Voight there, or Windsor Pilates. Tae Boe is fun too.

Shar said...

Hils, way to go! You are inspiring me to think about maybe running a little bit. I definitely could use it. I think I had 6 chocolate chip cookies yesterday, and three already today... it is not even noon! I need some major help.