Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How To: Totally Depress Yourself.

Kelsy demanded a new blog, and as you can see, I ALWAYS do what Kelsy tells me to do, lest I suffer the consequences.

P.S. I am eating the most STUPENDOUS Xtreme Airhead right now. OH.

Okay, so this week, Derek and I have been on a serious streak of watching totally depressing movies. This wasn't the plan, but we watched all the somewhat appealing movies we could find, and that was the result.

Here were the movies:

Eastern Promises: This was the least depressing of the depressing movies, which is sad to say because it was still really depressing.Viggo Mortensen plays a guy in the Russian Mafia -- it was done so well but the ending cut it a little short. Still, I think it was worth watching.

Atonement: Kiera Knightly and some other guy that I like but who knows his name. This movie made The Pursuit of Happiness look like a happy movie. Nothing good came of it. I'm glad we watched it though.

The Counterfeiters: We heard this had won the Academy Award for best foreign film last year, so we watched it. BOY did it deserve it. It was about a group of counterfeiters in the Holocaust, who were actually treated somewhat well. I loved the storyline, the characters, and even the subtitles weren't a problem. I really think anyone who loves movies should see this one. Just remember: Very depressing.

And lastly, Mean Creek: This is a movie about a group of teenagers that play a prank on a bully, and it goes terribly wrong. Pretty sure it was too depressing for my taste, not to mention the movie wasn't done very well either.

To sum up: After many tears, fights, and depression- Derek and I are ready for a few weeks of comedies. Any recommendations??


Christensens said...

I'll have to watch some of those, I am trying to see new movies on my nights alone. I rarely see a movie that isn't a comedy because Kevin doesn't sit well through any other kind. For just straight up funny movies we love Baby Mama and What happens in Vegas. For a different humor and a tad of sadness I LoVe the movie Everything is Illuminated

Greedy Kristian said...

The Boy Who Could Fly? Not Quite Human? UHF?

VievEGirL said...

We just rented "What happens in Vegas?" and KC and I both laughed. We also rented "Definitely, Maybe" and that was good too. It was a bit more chick flick than comedy, but still very good.

Mean Girls is always a good choice for comedy. Or you could always result to just watching all the Friends seasons.

Telsey said...

little rascals nothing can beat!

Pinky said...

My two go to cheery movies are Amelie and The Emperors New Groove. I never would have thought a cartoon about a llama could be so great, but it really is. And quirky french romance is hard to beat.