Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2 Years and Counting.....

As of yesterday, Derek and I have been together 2 years. Yeah, to a lot of people that's a pretty short time, but still, I think it's worth some acknowledgment.

In order to celebrate, I cooked him the competition meal I made in high school, and we had a really great dinner. Then, I wanted to check if I had written anything in my journal about our first kiss, and we read about the whole thing. It was quite hilarious to see how nervous we were. I am surprised we made it this far, because we are both very prone to awkwardness.

Derek and I often say we had high-hopes for marriage, and it more than surpassed our hopes so far. I blame a lot of how good it is on account of Derek's amazingness. If I come home exhausted he's already massaging my feet. If I'm feeling sick he's got miso soup on the stove. If I just need to talk, he knows what to say. And if he doesn't, he knows to let me talk anyways. If I say I think I might want a new car, he's got four picked out he thinks I'd like. If I crack a stupid joke, he's the one the gets it.

When I pictured who I would end up with, I'm not going to lie, it wasn't at all like Derek. To be honest, I didn't know there was someone out there so good for me. It really seems like he was handpicked. I had no idea that almost a year in of living together, I would still be anxious for him to come home, cause we consistently have a blast.

Babes: Thanks for being brave enough to ask me out back then, thanks for being patient with me through school, thanks for scraping off my car everytime I left your house, thanks for getting addicted to nighttime television with me, thanks for surviving the food fight, thanks for living with me, and running with me, and laughing with me, and loving me, etc, etc. Thanks, you'll never know how much I love you for it.

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kcgarner said...

Just wanted to say congrats! I am happy that I know both of you and can't wait to see you guys again. Yay for John and Yoko.