Friday, October 24, 2008

The Monster Cupcake.

So...I can't take credit for this one, because my boss Kevin at work invented it, but it was still too cute to not put up. We got a bunch of gummy tongues, fingers, ears, noses, etc to decorate our cupcakes with, so he came up with this masterpiece:

They sold out in a matter of minutes today. The best part was that all of the kids were loving them, but when we showed Celina (My boss's daughter) the Monster Cupcake, she said in a very unamused voice, "Ha ha. Very funny." Ha, it was great....

SIDE NOTE: I lost my wedding ring for over a week. Most of you probably know this and most of you probably know I found it. I just have to thank King of Queens for inspiring me to find it. After a very melancholy week without it, I was watching the episode where she almost buys a new ring but decides she can't live without her original one....and it made me so depressed that I rummaged through the whole house and found it hidden nicely in one of my dresser drawers! SO HAPPY.


kimby said...

I love the monster. Cute! And good job finding your ring. That seems scary!

Lyns said...

I love that little guy!