Monday, October 27, 2008

This is Halloween......

First of all: This is mainly for Derek's family, or my family if you haven't done it yet. Before I forget: The link to register for the Thanksgiving 5k is right here.

Alright, to business...So, I have never carved a cake before in my life. Meaning, you stack a tall cake, and carve it into a unique shape. A man called last week asking us to make a 3-Dimensional Witches Hat Cake. I'm not going to lie-- I was pretty worried. So the fact that it didn't fall apart was enough for me:

Also, here is a Halloween Cupcake cake I decorated:

And some musical-note cupcakes:

And lastly: We are having a Halloween Party on Friday, so Kristin and I finally combined our candies for the party into one large pile, we were all overjoyed when it was so big. I decided these pictures really don't do it justice:

We threw the pile of candy bags on Basil - he of course was loving it! So cute.


Telsey said...

those pics don't do justice they always don't turn out as good on the computer. but i still am amazed at that witches cake.

Ms Ashley said...

The Witch's Hat is AWESOME! I can't wait to see more of your work! Hopefully you get more orders for carved cakes.