Tuesday, November 18, 2008

As of Lately.

I can't believe Derek isn't home for another 3 hours. He just got his hours changed from 8 to 5, to now 9 to 6. You wouldn't think that one hour would make such a difference, but it's dark now when he gets home, and by that time I'm pretty lonely. Aw shucks =(

On another note:

Asher, he is cuter than ever.

Some cool rainbow cupcakes:

Shield the eyes of the children!! I was asked to make boob cupcakes last week. On a side note, the same day I made these I burned my own "cleavage" when I was taking some cupcakes out of the oven. How awkward is that??

A cute lemon meringue:

D-lish Strawberry cheesecake cupcakes:

This lady wanted her cupcakes "El Natural", with rocks and twigs and stuff:

And some apple-crumb muffins I made yesterday on my day off. FAMILY: come get some if you want some. They are really yummy for breakfast, and I am pretty sure I have like 40 of them left. I went a little overboard.


VievEGirL said...

Um..hello..you trying to make me spoil my dinner..I am this close (fingers almost pinched together) to running to the bakery and buying some crap cupcakes to try to fulfill the cravings you have made.

And I would have to pick the cheesecake cupcake. So yummy looking.

Valynne Maetani Nagamatsu said...

can you please make the boob cupcakes for thanksgiving? please? and then we can see how long it takes donna to figure out what they are.

Jori Hodgson said...

Would LOVE a recipe for any type of cheesecake cupcake recipe. I have some ideas for the cupcake, but not for frosting...