Monday, November 3, 2008

The Casino Del Candy.

I have already put up a ton of pictures on Facebook, that most everyone saw, but I wanted to explain a few highlights of our Halloween Party, a.k.a. "Casino del Candy."

Highlight #1 - We had a pie on the counter that Basil couldn't reach, nonetheless, he figured out that if he used his sword to scrape off the frosting, he could eat some of it. We all found him like this....and despite us laughing hysterically that he had been clever enough to do this, he just stood staring at the wall like he is in the picture for about 5 minutes. He looked like he was thinking, "I just killed a pie...."

Highlight #2- The Candy Gambling. We had a Black Jack table that Kristin made, it looked authentic, and a Roulette table I found online. Everyone got loads of candy to take home, it was a blast. (Note Derek's dads nerd costume at the Black Jack was awesome.)

Highlight #3- The Best Costumes: Randy and Kristin came as Dave Thomas and Wendy. It was perfect for them. Also see Asher balling in his Shrek outfit. It too was perfect.

So I have loads of other pictures, but here are some I couldn't help but put up:

I LOVED Basil's Knight costume. It was so perfect for him.

Derek decided to shave his head down the middle to be a munk. Haha, it was great.
No one could guess my costume, I was a Japanese Anime Character, I guess it works ;)

Jake (Derek's bro) and his wife Denae- Geishas, and a little risky...haha....

This costume was so great. The deer costume was like this machine that constantly blew air into it. Too difficult for me to understand how it worked, but not for me to enjoy it.

Jonathan made this awesome robot costume. I still can't get over it. And Kylie- the Pirate.

Anyways: To everyone that came: THANKS! I am glad everyone had fun.

Gen and KC: We missed you guys, but fondue at Christmas is going to beat it out of the park.

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