Monday, November 10, 2008

Kids: They're a lot of work........But they're worth it.

So....Jonathan and Kylie abandoned all of us here in Salt Lake to celebrate their 10th anniversary in Hawaii -- (Holy crap! That's impressive.)

A while ago they asked if on my day off, I could watch Basil with Kelsy.

The long awaited day arrived today. I picked up Kels and Basil and we drove to Target to play around and pick up some Christmas ornaments. (Side note: I have had the BEST time shopping for Christmas. This is the first married Christmas for Derek and I, and the first time I get to decorate my own tree. It's the bomb!)

Right when we got to target, within seconds Basil was running around enjoying himself. Here are some of our favorite parts of the experience:

The first thing Basil encountered at Target was a big Dinosaur toy that growled. Here was his reaction. Haha, we were dying:
He was pretty scared of that thing.

Then, after seeing him so traumatized, we let him pick out a drink to take off the edge :) Basil, being a good boy, picked a Sobe.This is the part where Basil WOULD NOT let go of the cart. He had to be the one pushing it. This is when I learned, Basil likes to be in charge ;)
This is when I had to pull him away from the bars and sit him in the cart. He stared at Kelsy and I like this for about 10 minutes. I think we were starting to bug him.
Here was Basil's favorite toy at Target. The advent calendar, which he refused to leave until he had opened every door. Haha!
THEN. We met up with Derek for some lunch at Eat-a-Burger. As Jonathan already knows, Basil is a pretty big Fry Sauce connaisseur. We accidentally set the fry sauce by him to dip his fries in it, and he started scooping it with his fork. He did this three times till we finally got it away. Oops.
The result of taking away the fry sauce:
We finally realized what Basil LOVES to do when we popped in the Baby Einstein video. He was so focused on this movie. It was the BEST!!

Jonathan and Kylie: I hope that this blog didn't traumatize you too much, we tried our best. But thanks so much for letting us watch him, cause despite being a little afraid, I had a TOTAL ball. I love Basil!!


kylie said...

omigosh, I have the cutest kid ever! Thank you for the post. We can't wait to see him tomorrow!

jof said...

totally our life everyday. some running around, some scowling, a little tv, a big messy face... yup, that's the stuff. i'm so glad you had a good time. we NEVER worried about him. only about you! ;)

VievEGirL said...

First off, why are Joff and Kylie posting while they are in Hawaii???

Secondly, I laughed at EVERY picture. Basil makes the best facial expressions. And the caption stating that he was getting bothered by you was great. He is so in CHARGE! I swear there is a genius in that body, that already knows it is smarter than the rest of us.

katie said...

so great! and i really want one of those advent calendars. I can see why it was his favorite. that kid has good taste.

Stef said...

Love the pic of Basil holding the cart - so cute! Also of note is that I've never met anyone named Basil other than my friends' son over at (but they spell it differently).