Tuesday, December 2, 2008

THE 5k.

Derek and I have been training for the Thanksgiving 5k for months now. The only problem is this we stopped running like the beginning of November, so we ended up being nowhere near ready. The 5k finally came, on Thanksgiving FREEZING morning. We ended up having quite the crowd, with me, Derek, his sister Mary and cousins Mitch and Kristen, my mom and Kent, and my two bros. Jonathan, my oldest brother who none of us knew even ran, showed up, which was a nice surprise. Little did any of us know HE would be the one that would beat all of us! He ran it in 27 minutes, far faster than the rest of us.

Derek ran it in 29 minutes, I did it in 32, which, for me, was GREAT! I have never officially run a 5k, so the fact that I ran the whole thing was enough for me.

Anyways, we all had a real blast, although we missed Gen and Kristin, who always run it. Mary and Kristen won some raffle prizes, although some of them were a little cheap ;D ha! At least it wasn't the free entry to the Salt Lake City marathon, I feel sorry for the poor runners that won those......

I'll say now that all of us look much prettier than these pictures in real life. So excuse the no make-up and sweats.

Me, Derek, Mary, Kristen, Mitch.

Mom and I at the starting line. I'm not gonna lie mom, we both can look really bad, haha.... (This was taken only moments before I dropped my iphone and got trampled by the crowd)

We all really missed Gen, but it helped when my mom read her running number #753....Gen's lucky number. Quite the coincidence if you ask me!

All of us. BOY do I look pissed! I don't know why. But thanks everyone for coming, especially Derek's family, that was SO much fun to have you guys there, I hope we can run another 5k sometime!!

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VievEGirL said...

Mom told me about her number. How weird...but totally cool. Thanks for taking pictures. Dano is so tall! He really has grown...

...and I am really proud of you. Getting through your first race is an accomplishment in itself. I think 32 minutes was better than my first 5k. And in 3 thanksgiving I will try to be back home to join you all..